Dual Guard Threshold Tape

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The Ultimate Protection from Air and Moisture Infiltration Under the Threshold

Dual Guard has a unique patented flange which acts like a gasket, sealing off the sub-floor and preventing air and moisture infiltration under the threshold. This helps keep the door frame from racking and the sub-floor from swelling and warping.


  • Exceeds all building codes and manufacturers installation specifications
  • Energy efficient to reduce monthly utility costs
  • Helps stop air, moisture and bug infiltration under the threshold
  • Adheres to concrete, wood and metal surfaces
  • Helps prevent sub-floors from swelling and structural framing from warping
  • Helps stop entry/patio doors from racking and costly call backs for additional adjustments
  • Self adhering for precise placement and easy application
  • 100% waterproof, mold and mildew resistant
  • Designed for all entry/patio doors.