Form Flash 2 EPDM Uncured

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Thickness: 60 mil
Exposure: Full Exposure to UV

Protecto Form Flash 2 EPDM is a cold applied self-adhering membrane composed of uncured EPDM with an exterior protective film on one side and a layer of Recycled Butyl Adhesive with a release liner on the other side. Protecto Form Flash 2 EPDM is used to seal around cable, electrical, gas line, hose bibs, dryer vents, air exchange vents and pipe penetrations in the exterior sheathing, roofing applications, CMU and Poured in Place Concrete. Eliminates the need for Lead flashings, can be used at all roof to wall transitions, around chimneys and solar panels.


  • Rated for full exposure to UV
  • Fully adhered system
  • Seals around properly installed fasteners
  • Roofs a positive air/vapor barrier
  • Conformable to irregular shapes
  • Will adhere to most building products
  • Compatible with most building products including EPDM