Reese Extreme Stik

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Reese Extreme Stik Flashing Tape
The Flashing Tape used by professional contractors!

It took John Reese ten years to find the perfect flashing tape, and this is it!

Reese Extreme Stik Flashing Tape is the ultimate all-weather flashing tape for use in new construction and remodeling. Flashing tape is worthless if it doesn’t stick so well that you can’t pull it off, and this extraordinary tape will stick to almost any surface, even in cold conditions (to -20° F) and on slightly damp surfaces.

Thin and flexible, yet reinforced and tough to tear, this aggressive tape will conform to any surface and will not interfere with trims and moldings. The 3”, 4” and 6” tapes come with a two-piece split release liner. The 9” tape has a three-piece split release liner.

Perfect for flashing windows, doors, roof/wall interfaces, skylights, roof edges, roof projections…anywhere water or air could penetrate the building envelope.

No VOC’s, HFCC’s, or CFC’s.

75’ long. Silver grey finish. May be left exposed up to 12 months.

When it has to stick – Reese Extreme Stik Flashing Tape