Talon Tuff Roofers Tarp

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  • Our 120 GSM blue tarp has a significantly greater pull through for nails when used for emergency roof repairs. Raptor Roofer’s Tarps have significantly greater holding power when nails are placed through the edge seam.
  • Our 200 GSM green tarp is an incredibly strong tarp that can be used to protect loads, tear offs, catch trash, and can be left on an exposed roof for an extended amount of time.
  • Reinforced corners will not rip or tear when tied down
  • UV stabilizers protect our tarps from exposure to the sun
  • Reinforced perimeter seams provide great nail pull protection.
  • High tensile strength which gives Talon Tuff Roofer’s Tarp excellent tear resistance.
  • Talon Tuff Roofer’s Tarps have excellent impact and puncture resistance.