Vycor Pro SA Flashing

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Features & Uses

  • Superior adhesive capabilities — Non-Asphaltic, proprietary butyl-modified adhesive seals and adheres to the substrate creating a best-in-class barrier against air and water intrusion.
  • Seals around fasteners — The specially formulated adhesive seals around fasteners, preventing water penetration.
  • Forms water-tight laps — VYCOR® PRO’s superior adhesion properties ensure strong overlaps. 
  • Highly Conformable — Thin and pliable membrane is easily worked into tight details.
  • Wide application window — Primerless adhesion to wood sheathing from 25°F (4° C)
  • Wide Service Temperature Window — Suitable for in-service conditions up to 176° F (80° C)
  • Long exposure time — 120 days of exposure provides protection over long, unpredictable construction cycles
  • Flexible Application — VYCOR® PRO’s wide performance window makes it appropriate for use in all regions
  • Easy to work with — This high performance barrier membrane is easy to apply with 6 and 12 inch (150 mm and 305 mm) measurement markings.
  • Superior Weather Protection Solution — Use in combination with VYCOR® ENV-S™ or VYCOR ENV® fully-adhered weather barriers to provide superior protection from wind driven rain.